Write an article suitable for publication on the topic of bullying

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Write an article suitable for publication on the topic of bullying

Queensland teachers may be afraid to sign this petition themselves because of Code of Conduct issues - but you can ask your husband, mother, friends, children, etc.

write an article suitable for publication on the topic of bullying

Duan Dauan Island teacher: A whistleblowing woman teacher emailed the Queensland opposition in to raise her concerns about the serious safety issues facing teachers who are working in the Torres Strait Islands.

Her shared departmental accommodation was not secure. The phone was disconnected. It was never connected during the ten weeks that the teacher was on the island.

The principal advised the teacher to wait till she "settled down" the next day before calling her parents. On the night the man was arrested, his friends allegedly harassed the teacher, banging on her window and doors.

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After this incident she began sleeping with a knife under her bed and a mallet next to her pillow. She left the island soon after. A spokesman said the department was aware of the alleged attack but had a policy of not contacting classroom teachers unless it was a life or death situation.

The young woman is no longer teaching. This could be your daughter, son, sister, brother. Queensland teachers are afraid to speak up about their working conditions - they need your support! I think it helped that as an English and history teacher, literacy was not an issue for me.

It was merely a case of surviving in what Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham refers to as a "disadvantaged school".

write an article suitable for publication on the topic of bullying

The school was in a low socio-economic area and I was prepared for, as Birmingham describes them, "naughty children". But this was a whole new experience. I only had three classes to teach. My Year 8 English class comprised of four students who wanted to learn.

The remainder came to class without any paper, writing implements or books as they had been given laptop computers. For the first week I provided these and year-olds with paper and pens as I wanted to test their spelling and story-writing abilities.

These were screwed up into balls and hurled at me or just torn up and thrown on the floor.

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Four-letter words were screamed at me. One day I had the temerity to insist that they not turn on their laptops. For my troubles I was knocked to the ground by a boy who was substantially larger than myself.

I escaped from the room and reported the behaviour, for which said "naughty" child was suspended from school for two days. Of my two other classes, one was for troublesome students who had been withdrawn from usual classes as a result of misbehaviour. However, I was joined by two other teachers who were specialist trained, so this was my "rest and recreation" class.

They played with their mobile phones or did their nails.Psychological bullying, undermining an individuals self esteem and status and creating unessary stress is the most incidious kind of workplace bullying that leaves a scar on the individual for.

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