Who am i sociology essay

What are some of the beliefs and practices that make up different realities? Man does not have it at birth; he cannot acquire it except through fellowship, and it decays in isolation. And the means for producing and maintaining selves do not reside inside the person; in fact, these means are often bolted down in social establishments

Who am i sociology essay

For example, a single-mother may blame herself for not being able to support her children well due to shortage of money and unavailability to find a decent job.

Another could be a newly-wed couple having daily arguments which may lead to their divorce or a case of where women are facing difficulties perceiving their housekeeping responsibilities as a mother wanting to become something more than just a housewife.

Who am i sociology essay

These various private tensions may seem very personal, yet according to sociologist C. Wright Mills, these dilemmas are all related to a bigger world called society and this is known as the sociological imagination.

Sociological imagination suggests that people look at their own personal troubles as social issues and, in general try to connect their own individual encounters with the workings of society.

The personal problems are closely related to societal issues such as unemployment, marriage, war and even the city life where the private troubles and the public issues become clearly apparent. With the understanding of the sociological imagination, I began to notice the daily choices I make, the classes I attend, the way I was raised by my parents, the group of people I choose to hang out with, the things I like to converse about with others are all somehow affected by public issues and what society tends to make us believe is Who am i sociology essay.

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There are many areas in my life where I feel that I am greatly affected by various sociological theories such as events dealing with gender and sexuality, family and culture, ethnicity and race, and social class and work. Even though our country supports equality in gender and women are rising up to be treated same as men, there still exist differences in sexuality in our society.

This issue of gender and sexuality of our society has had one of the biggest impacts in my life since I was raised with my twin brother Alex. When I saw light of the world, I was immediately assumed the role of a daughter and a girl to my parents.

My brother was given tanks, robots and Lego to play with, while I was given Barbie dolls, mini-baking sets and etc.

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I loved playing with dolls, but there was always that little thought in back of mind that I wanted to play with whatever my brother got to play with as well. I believe that toys contribute to the gender socialization with the help of parents who tend to treat boys and girls differently since their births.

Because Barbie is likely one of the most identifiable symbols of femininity in the world, parents feel the need to expose it to their daughters at an early age.

I suppose that gender is not just created biologically; rather, it is also felt and learned through the moments one experiences within the society.

Also, the cultural factors influencing the structural factors in gender can also be experienced through the society. I believe that having a twin brother has influenced me even more in recognizing my gender identity.

Who am i sociology essay

With strict distinction drawn by my parents and those around me, I was taught that playing with Barbie dolls was the socially accepted thing to do. Another sociological theory that has affected my way of thinking was social issues dealing with family and culture.

I grew up in a traditional Korean family before I moved here in United States and those were the times when my views and my behaviors were shaped by my parents and grandparents. My grandfather used to tell me many stories about when Korea was a colony of Japan and Japanese people stole, rooted, and ruined the lives of innocent Korean people.

I think that as a child I was going through an anticipatory socialization where I was taking on the norms and behaviors of a role to which one aspires but does not yet occupy. It could also be said that I was completely rejecting self socialization and was making my family an aspect of my primary socialization.

Due to this, while I was growing up, I tended to avoid Japanese people. Due to this experience as a child, I realized that I had almost no control over my beliefs and most were issued to me by my family, culture and society and still do not have control over these things.Pagpapakatao essay writing.

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I am a shy person and at times I feel incredibly awkward around people, especially those that I don’t know. I am the type of person who will hang back and observe strangers before making the decision about whether or not I want to join in with the group.

It is because of this that I am often wrongly labelled as being stand offish or antisocial.


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