To ensure competnecy an effective counsellormust

It takes a cooperative effort by both the person receiving counseling and the counselor. And it takes a commitment to make sometimes difficult changes in behavior or thinking patterns. What you expect to achieve with your counselor should be clearly defined as you begin your counseling. You and your counselor should discuss realistic time frames for reaching your goals and agree on how you will measure your progress.

To ensure competnecy an effective counsellormust

What are the ideal personality characteristics of a counselor? What makes someone a good counselor? Patience As a counselor you need to have patience with your To ensure competnecy an effective counsellormust as they process the discussion. It may take them time to accept certain things and to move towards positive changes.

Some people need to discuss something many times before they are prepared to make a move in any particular direction. Also, you are not likely to see large changes in an individual client; therefore, you must be okay with incremental progress in their lives and rejoice over small victories.

You will do more listening than talking. You must be content to give the client time to express their story and their feelings. Compassionate It is very important that your clients feel your compassion for their problems and that they sense you truly care about them. You may not be able to relate to every issue that is shared with you, but you need to be able to have compassion for how it feels to be in their shoes.

Genuine concern yields positive results. Nonjudgmental Counselors hear all kinds of private information and encounter all types of people. You must do you best to refrain from judgment and instead communicate positive regard.

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There are times when it may be necessary to judge a particular behavior, but the client must not feel that you are judging them. You must not push your cultural or religious views upon them.

Multicultural competency is a necessary skill.

To ensure competnecy an effective counsellormust

The counseling environment needs to be a safe place for a client to share their most intimate concerns. Research-Oriented Being a counselor involves a significant amount of time spent researching.

You will need to stay current on the research in order to help your clients. This involves reading books and journal articles on a regular basis. You do not learn everything you need to know while in college.

Much of your knowledge will come from personal research after you have begun to see clients. Empathetic Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. You need to be able to put yourself in the shoes of your client and understand the situation from their point of view.

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Some people struggle as counselors because they are unable to maintain objectivity and therefore carry home the emotional stress of the job.

The level of empathy necessary can be a fine line between helpful to client and harmful to counselor. Discreet Confidentiality is of upmost importance when you are a counselor.

You must be able to maintain confidentiality so the client can trust you with their most intimate concerns. Encouraging The ability to encourage is important for a counselor. Many clients are struggling to find hope in their situation. One of the primary jobs of a counselor often involves instilling hope in a hopeless individual.

Click Here For Schools Self-Aware A counselor who is aware of their own fears, insecurities, and weaknesses will be effective in the therapeutic relationship. It is important that you do not react defensively to what a client shares.

7 Characteristics of an Effective Counselor

You must be able to keep your own feelings out of the session. You will be better able to do this if you are self-aware. In addition, self-aware individuals are more intuitive with regards to solving their own problems and can use that knowledge to help clients through similar situations.Detail the characteristics and actions of effective therapists.

Effective psychotherapy critical in the initial interaction to ensure engagement in the therapeutic process.

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3. Effective therapists are able to form a working alliance with a broad range of clients.

To ensure competnecy an effective counsellormust

The treatment plan must involve healthy actions—the effective therapist. What, overall, makes a great counselor? An effective counselor is one who is adept at both individual counseling and advocacy counseling. Individual counseling takes place in the traditional office setting.

In contrast, advocacy counseling calls on counselors to work in communities to address systemic barriers that impede on client development. Sensitivity to the client's cultural and personal perspectives, genuine empathy, warmth, humility, respect, and acceptance are the tenets of all sound therapy.

This chapter expands on these concepts and provides a general overview of the core competencies needed so that counselors may provide effective treatment to diverse racial and ethnic .

Jun 28,  · Effective counselors should have excellent communication skills. Although some of these skills can be honed during graduate school and are developed and refined over the course of your career, you should already possess certain communication skills before embarking on a counseling career.

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Jun 29,  · Counseling covers a wide range of disciplines and approaches, each requiring its own unique skill set. However, for anyone thinking of embarking on a career as a counselor, there are some basic skills in addition to personal attributes required to be effective in any specialty.

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