The myths and truths about marijuana

Despite significant evidence that cannabis is one of the least harmful psychoactive substances and has a great number of positive medicinal applications, marijuana still carries a negative stigma from its long and complicated history here in the states. However with successful legalization efforts in states like Colorado and California in the last few years, we now have a much more accurate view on how cannabis legalization has affected these communities. However, the opposite appears to be true with legalization often leading to lower use by teens and a decrease in opioid addiction.

The myths and truths about marijuana

By Lisa Hilton My first symptom of Lyme disease was possibly a panic attack. I was at a mall with a friend and our kids when my heart started beating funny. That was the first time I ever felt anything other then normal.

I really thought I was having a heart attack. My friend took me to the emergency room. Anyways the diagnosis of that day was, panic attacks. I never felt normal again after that day. Other days, I have full on attacks out of the middle of nowhere.

I want to note that my first panic attack happened on a day that I found out my son had to have open heart surgery. I am not sure til this day the connection between stress, Lyme and anxiety or what brought out which first. I do believe they worked synergistically to bring each other out.

How has it Affected my Life? Honestly it was one of the most debilitating symptoms for me. Twice in my life I have not left my house for more then a year at all other then for doctor appointments. I had to have everyone shop for me, I lost all friendships and became very agoraphobic.

I just felt like if I left the house I would always have another attack. I had a poisoned feeling all the time. Sometimes I would just lay in bed with the blankets over my head.

I would go on long stretches of visiting the ER several times a day. I felt like I was crazy. How could I feel so bad all the time but nothing be wrong.

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Mine never seemed to end, for years. Eventually after a couple of bad reactions to meds, I started having panic attacks when I had to start any new meds.

The myths and truths about marijuana

I pretty much now have a complete phobia to starting a new medicine or getting any medical procedure done, especially if it requires anesthesia. Doctors just love this. Sarcasm intended The Bad Part of having Panic Attacks if you have Lyme Disease The diagnoses of panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder can be a dangerous label to have.

My doctors now are pretty comfortable blaming everything on panic attacks or anxiety. One nurse accuses me outright of lying. Later an EMF finally ordered by a neurologist showed that I have 3 bulging discs in my neck pressing on nerves, leading the the numbness in my arm as well as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Another time a doctor blamed panic attacks for my abdominal pain. To this day it is still in my charts that I was being seen for a panic attack even though I had been there for a stomach ache and my urine test showed bacteria and blood in my urine.From career advice to employment news, discover all of the information you need to know about your job search and career.

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So here we have some of the top ten facts and busted-myths about the wonder-herb Marijuana. Marijuana is not the Gate-way drug.

Marijuana, as considered by many people is . Fact: The myth that marijuana is a gateway drug, is based on a fragile assumption and statistical association between the usage of common and uncommon drugs.

The facts state that many of the people who use cannabis have never consumed any of the other illegal drugs. The best thing that happened in the year was the opening of opportunities for marijuana industry. It has enhanced the profitability of cannabis penny stocks.

During the presidential elections, several states had voted for legalization of cannabis to a varying degree. cancer.

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To a developing brain, like those of teenagers, marijuana can be especially toxic -- using pot can lead to panic attacks, depression and other mental health problems, not to mention increased anxiety. 2. MYTH: Marijuana is Not Addictive TRUTH: But what you didn’t know is that more teens enter treatment each year with marijuana as the main substance that they abused.

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