The food crisis and solution

At the same time, climate change is set to hit agriculture hard, according to a recent study in PLOS Biology. The number of plant growing days is projected to decrease by 11 percent bywith tropical regions losing as many as growing days each year; as many as 3. All this as bees — vital for agricultural pollination — continue to mysteriously die out, with the U. Yet simply increasing the amount of agricultural land is no solution.

The food crisis and solution

With billions of people at risk of hunger, the current food crisis is certainly massive and destructive. The food crisis is anything but silent, and—as long as we are aware of its true causes—we are not helpless.

The food crisis and solution

For this reason, thus far, there has been little official leadership in the face of the crisis. Nor has there been any informed public debate about the real reasons the numbers of hungry people are growing, or what we can do about it. The future of our food—and fuel—systems are being decided de facto by unregulated global markets, financial speculators, and global monopolies.

Monthly Review | The World Food Crisis: Sources and Solutions

For decades, family farmers and communities around the world have resisted the destruction of their native seeds. They have worked hard to diversify their crops, protect their soil, conserve their water and forests, and establish local gardens, markets, businesses, and community-based food systems.

What is missing is the political will on the part of government, industry, and finance to support these alternatives. The trigger for the present crisis was food price inflation. While grain prices have come down slightly, food prices are still high, and because low-income and poor families are faced with higher fuel and housing costs, they are still unable to buy sufficient food.

The crisis of food price inflation is simply the most recent tip of a slow-moving iceberg. While food rebellions across the globe have only recently made headlines, governments have been promising to end hunger for over 30 years: The World Food Conference pledges to eradicate child hunger in 10 years.

The World Food Summit pledges to reduce the number of hungry people by half by Farm Bill increases food nutrition programs Food Stamps, Women and Children in need, and food banks augment donations of government surplus with local and industry-donated food.

The World Bank re-calculates its projections for extreme poverty upward from one billion to 1.

‘Routine’ Hunger before the Current Crisis

The food crisis appeared to explode overnight, reinforcing fears that there are just too many people in the world. But according to the FAO, there were record grain harvests in There is more than enough food in the world to feed everyone. Population is not outstripping food supply. People are too poor to buy the food that is available.

Development institutions promised that eventually, as the promised benefits from globalization trickled down, the poor would be able to buy the food they lacked.Solving the global food crisis Some suggest that the solution to the current food crisis is to extend global markets, introduce more intensive agricultural methods and more genetically-modified (GM) crops.

Friends of the Earth believes that. Overcome Food Crisis ~ If you’ve been postponing starting or stepping up your own food production or storage, now is a good time to move it to the top of your list.

Prepare to weather rising food prices and potential shortages—starting right now. Many popular processed foods are based on corn and soy.

The food crisis and solution

These two. The Hunger Project’s approach is just such a sustainable solution. H The World Food Crisis: The Sustainable Solution Jill Lester, President and CEO.

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Hunger Project programs address the root causes of hunger and poverty based on a methodology that is affordable, replicable and sustainable.

18 Graphics That Explain the Global Food Crisis and How to Solve It First, let's examine what's causing the global food crisis. But governments, business and others need to act quickly and with conviction to scale these solutions up.

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Aug 09,  · How IoT Technologies Can Help Solve A Global Food Crisis. technology is now showing its true potential by attempting to finally solve the global food crisis. 'Solutions' That Exacerbate The. Data and research on agriculture and fisheries including food supply, sustainability, biological resources, and seed, tractor, forest, fruit and vegetable standards., Eliminating hunger and malnutrition, and achieving wider global food security are among the most intractable problems humanity faces.

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