Small moment writing activities

Teacher will read the picture book, Shortcut by Donald Crews, which gives an excellent example of a small moment story. Following the story time, students will pick out the small moment from the anchor text.

Small moment writing activities

These components will only be included after the class has achieved at least two months of success with the above mentioned writer's workshop expectations.

Seminar Many of my students' memoir pieces will be published and all students will share their small moment writing activities at various stages of the writing process with their peers during a time I call "seminar," when the class and I provide constructive feedback to help each child's writing improve.

I will use a known student feedback method called "three stars and a wish. From my experience, seminar is as valuable to the person sharing as shaping writing strategies and story ideas for other children's current and future work.

An additional benefit is that more sophisticated writers steer other classmates' writing forward through peer modeling i. Comparing Portraits Discussing voice in writing is very abstract, so I will use various images of Barack Obama to demonstrate voice in a visual way prior to showing how voice plays a role in writing.

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Students will compare and contrast different artists' renditions of Obama and how each of these portraits, though of the same person, looks very different, conjure different emotions, use different media and artistic techniques. The same came be said about voice in writing. Assessment Various forms of assessment will be used to monitor and evaluate student progress see appendix: Self-assessment — Students answers questions about the piece including: Peer editing check list — What did I like about my partner's story; what did I have questions or wonder about; what did I suggest needed to be changed?

As stated in the content objectives, students will be expected to publish at least three of their stories as a hardcover book with illustrations, a graphic novel and a confessional letter to friend or family member. Student Activities Writer's workshop, a 60 minute block of time, will begin with a minute daily mini-lesson which will highlight each of the following topics.

These mini lessons build on each other, but many of them can be used a self-contained lesson, or repeated more than one time, if you see your students struggling in a specific area.

small moment writing activities

Mini Lessons What is a memoir? To kick start this unit, students will gain a clear understanding of what exactly memoir writing is.

I will be using Dreams from my Father, by Barack Obama, periodically to demonstrate various aspects of the genre. I chose this book because I wanted to pick a person students know and admire, and also because the book was very descriptive.

I will pose the question: What do you think memoir writing is? Students will brainstorm their ideas. Then, I will read two passages to them: It was well past midnight by the time I crawled through a fence that led to an alleyway.

I found a dry spot, propped my luggage beneath me, and fell asleep, the sound of drums softly shaping my dreams. In the morning, I woke up to find a white hen pecking at the garbage near my feet.

Across the street, a homeless man was washing himself at an open hydrant and didn't object when I joined him.

There was still no one home at the apartment, but Sadie answered his phone when I called him and told me to catch a cab to his place on the Upper East Side. One day she took a walk in the forest. Goldilocks saw a house and went in.

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She found three bowls of porridge. One was just right. I will then state that memoir writing is a memory of an event in your life, what you learned from it or how it changed you.

It should be written in first person. Students will then be encouraged to write about a recent event in their life and attempt to discover the meaning of these moments.

Brainstorming special moments and digging deeper Students will be encouraged to write down events and why each event was meaningful to them. For example, if a child writes "I went to the water park with my family," they would then need to identify what about that experience was important to them: Students will record their special moment in a story web example below remembering these reflective notations showing purpose, emotions felt and what people, places, or things are connected with this memory.

Turning an event into a memoir Taking another look at Dreams from my Father, I will read two pieces of prose:Beth Newingham's tips for writing leads (and a lot more!) in "My January Top Ten List: Writing Lessons and Resources," are an invaluable resource to any writing program.

Julie Ballew's " Planning Small Moment Stories " shows a developmentally appropriate approach to narrative writing for young authors. Narrative Writing: Launching Writer's Workshop in Grade small moment writing Find this Pin and more on Writing ideas by Sharonlee Kritzki.

Narrative Writing: Launching Writer's Workshop in Grade. this anchor chart helps students be more specific! Activity on writing hooks in narratives - students can write a list of hooks based on each type. So, here are a series of mini-lessons that we loved over the past week all about digging into small moments.

At the beginning of the week, we started with the hands-on. So often in writing we forget to start with the concrete and move to the representational.

In this lesson students learn to elaborate or "explode moments" in their writing by using descriptive language.

After hearing excerpts from popular chapter books that use vivid, sensory language, students participate in a dramatic experience as a springboard for a shared writing activity.

This letter-writing template includes spaces for date, salutation, body, closing, and signature. Letter-Writing Template #2 It also gives examples of each in small letters.

Plan Stories with The Five-Finger Technique. Activity. Plan Stories with The Five-Finger Technique Help them plan their own small moment stories using this handy graphic organizer. Use this lesson as a stand-alone activity or a support lesson for the Story Mapping Group Work lesson plan.

Make a Splash! Using Dramatic Experience to "Explode the Moment" - ReadWriteThink