Sir sam hughes

In he joined the 45th West Durham Battalion of Infantry and fought against the Fenian raids in the s and s. He was the paper's publisher from to Member of Parliament[ edit ] He was elected to Parliament in The Liberal Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier had declared his support for the British policies in South Africa, but was non-committal about sending Canadian troops if war should break out.

Sir sam hughes

Energetic and Controversial Hughes increased the efficiency of the pre-war militia and, afterled the Canadian war effort with enormous personal energy and drive. In contrast to his political talents, Hughes was a poor organizer prone to patronage and cronyism in awarding military promotions and munitions contracts.

Many of his favourite equipment projects were embarrassing failures. Hughes had championed the purchase of the Canadian-made Ross rifle, carried by Canadian troops at the outbreak of war, and drew serious criticism when he defended it against growing evidence of its deficiencies in combat.

Sir sam hughes

Hughes fought vigourously against those officers who tried to replace the Ross with his own accusations of incompetence and political malice.

Dismissed by the Prime Minister ByHughes was a growing political liability for the government. He was detested in Quebec for his anti-French, anti-Catholic views, and distrusted by Cabinet colleagues for his financial and administrative shortcomings.

His attempts to establish and control a Canadian military command structure overseas had resulted in chaos, leading in the fall to the creation by the prime minister of an overseas ministry answering directly to Cabinet.

Hughes opposed the decision. In November, Borden accepted the resignation of his unhappy and increasingly disruptive minister, who remained a government back-bencher until his death in Keep exploring with these topics:Sir Samuel Hughes, KCB, PC (January 8, – August 23, ) was the Canadian Minister of Militia and Defence during World War I.

He was notable for being the last Liberal-Conservative cabinet minister, until he was dismissed from his cabinet post. Early life Hughes was born January 8, , at Solina near Bowmanville in what was then Canada West.

Sir Samuel Hughes, teacher, journalist, soldier, politician (born at Darlington, Canada W 8 Jan ; died at Lindsay, Ont 24 Aug ). A Conservative and an enthusiastic supporter of Sir John A.

Macdonald's National Policy, Sam Hughes was elected to Parliament for Victoria North in Sir Sam Hughes, Canada’s Minister of Militia and Defence from October to November , was the driving force behind Canada’s early war effort.

Energetic and Controversial Hughes increased the efficiency of the pre-war militia and, after , led the Canadian war effort with enormous personal energy and drive. Sam Hughes’s father emigrated from Ireland to Durham County, Upper Canada, in the s and made his living as a farmer and a schoolteacher.

He married the daughter of a British artillery officer serving in the colony, and they raised a large family: four sons, of whom Sam was the third, and seven daughters. Photo Request Fulfilled. Thank you for fulfilling this photo request.

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