Recruitment and selection task 3

In this test there are 2 versions such are: Academic Version and General Training Version.

Recruitment and selection task 3

Core Competencies[ edit ] Core competencies are the set of skills which are crucial to a business, for them to gain a competitive advantage in their market.

Senior managers are unable to manage every single aspect of their business, including the competencies needed to maintain a strong business. This means that they must come up with a set of competencies which truly affect their competitive advantage, as this will save them time in the long run when it comes to hiring employees.

This is because over time, the business will evolve and new opportunities will arise and so the same must happen to the core competencies. Hamel and Prahalad came up with three questions which businesses must consider when identifying their core competencies: Do the competencies provide potential access to a wide variety of markets?

Do the competencies make a large contribution to the consumer benefits? Elements of a competency-based job description[ edit ] Key elements of the job description are: Project Manager Relevance of position — statement about how the position supports the company with its business plan and objectives Major responsibilities — list of the main activities that the individual must undertake on a day-to-day basis Critical criteria — standards and qualities that candidates must have in order to be considered for the job Preferred criteria — qualities that the company would like candidate to possess but are not crucial in the day-to-day activities of the job Reports to — who their manager is There are 4 main reasons why competency-based job descriptions are crucial to businesses: Businesses rely on job descriptions and competencies to create training programs for their employees whereas employees use these to obtain the skills required for them to get a promotion or pay rise!

Small businesses[ edit ] Small businesses struggle a lot more than larger businesses when it comes to employing people for jobs.

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It is much better for them to use competency-based job descriptions as they differ from standard job descriptions because they emphasize the worker rather than the work. Competency-based job descriptions decrease the chances of the employer hiring the wrong person for the job.

For a small business it is crucial that they hire the right number of people. This is because, if they hire too many people it could lead to money being wasted on staff income wages are the highest costs to business.

As well as other issues, as the saying goes: On the other hand, if they hire too few people, it could lead to inefficiencies and large costs for the small business in the long run.

The best approach for small businesses will be to have a job preview, assess whether individuals are capable of learning the skills needed by the company.

If possible, small businesses should use experienced individuals in the hiring process, these individuals will know if the future employee will fit into the culture of the company as well as if they possess the relevant skills. Competency Life Cycle[ edit ] The competency life cycle consists of 4 phases which aim to develop and enhance individual and organisational competencies.

The different phases are: This phase also defines the required skill level for each job profile Competency diagnosis — this is based on the current employees in the company. This outlines the present proficiency level each employee possesses. These sources are known as job content experts JCEs and they have a good understanding of positions in companies.

JCEs are usually the people who manage the position one is looking to fill. The first step of the competency analysis is to accumulate detailed descriptions of the tasks which make up the job: This is done through a range of data collection methods: The reason for these meetings is because the hiring manager is looking for an employee who will stay for the long term and an employee who will contribute to the future success of the company Once the data from these various sources has been analysed, a list of the competencies needed for the job description can come together, completing the competency analysis.

Advantages[ edit ] There are many benefits of using competencies in organisations: They can be time consuming, as it takes a long time to gather the data needed to decide which competencies are relevant for the job profile.A1.

Discuss 3 factors that are influencing labor demand.

Recruitment and selection task 3

There are many factors influencing the labor demand for police officers. Some of those factors include; crime, reducing overtime and current police force demographics. Due to the overall increase in crime, the mayor has promised relief to the community by ramping up patrol in certain high crime areas%(44).

Bank jobs in India were one of the most sought after career option for a long time until the rise of IT & software companies.

Human Resources: Recruitment & Selection Hiring Process

Things have undergone a change now as freshers are eager to write bank exams so that they become eligible for various, recruitments in public sector we are publishing the list of upcoming b ank exams & bank jobs in along with other govt exams right here.

Welcome to ProjectONE and CAPPS ERP in Texas. ProjectONE — Our New Enterprise — is charged with implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for the state of Texas. WORKFORCE PLANNING RECRUITMENT & SELECTION REPORT (Task 2) As most, or all of you, are aware, city management, to include the Mayor and Police Commissioner, has issued a mandate to cut overtime for our current staff of police officers.

4. The Management reserves the right to short-list, select and reject any candidates for On-line Exam as the case may be for selection. Supervisor’s Recruitment and Selection Program Manual Division of Human Resource Management 1 PREFACE The State Personnel System (SPS) is the employment system comprised of .

Human Resources: Recruitment & Selection Hiring Process