Recommendation about tardiness

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Recommendation about tardiness

Chronically late employees who are not chastised for their behavior will likely continue, and other employees may see that no one is punished for tardiness and be less likely to want to show up on time.

Excessive absenteeism can also be a problem in terms of scheduling and productivity. It is necessary to deal with both of these issues before they are allowed to get out of hand.

Establish a clear policy on tardiness and absenteeism. Your employees need to know that there are penalties for failing to get to work on time or failing to come at all. Set up logical penalties that worsen in severity for more than one offense. Distribute this policy to all of your employees.

It may also be necessary to schedule a meeting to discuss the new policy and answer any questions your employees may have. Avoid singling anyone out during this meeting.

Schedule meetings with any known offenders. Make sure the meeting has a positive tone and is conducted in a private setting. Let them know that you cannot accept this behavior and that they will have to face repercussions if it continues. Ask them if there is a reason they are chronically late or absent and a find a way to work with them if they have an honest reason.

If they only have excuses, let them know firmly it will no longer be tolerated. Offer rewards to employees who are on time and show up for work. For example, once an employee reaches 30 consecutive days of being on time and being present every day, give him a gift card.

You can also reward the whole staff with a free lunch if everyone is on time and present. This helps increase peer pressure and the reward gives your staff motivation to follow your new policy. Enforce your policy swiftly.

If someone is late, you need to take action. While there may be extenuating circumstances, if he did not contact you to let you know he would be late or not present, then he needs to be dealt with according to your new policy.

Reprimand letter to an employee for poor attendance, tardiness -

References 2 Covering Credit:Reducing your tardiness is critical and is a requirement for your continued employment.

Failure to reduce your tardiness, failure to adhere to the above directives, and/ or any other misconduct may result in the docking of your pay, suspension without pay, or the recommendation for the termination of .

Recommendation about tardiness

Tardiness is an instance of being late, especially for school or work, that is noted down as a misdemeanor. Republic of the Philippines Tandag National Science High School Tabon-tabon Quezon Tandag City The researchers came up with this study to answer this question.

Recommendation about tardiness

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Here's the dynamite strategies you need to stop student tardiness, build attendance and teach on-time school and class behavior to even your latest students. Air Force Core Values.

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