Nintendo marketing report

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Nintendo marketing report

These days it is one of the most well-known and valuable brands in the world. For a brand of this stature, a logo is a key asset, allowing products to be recognized instantly. The brand's characteristics and values, developed and earned over the years, are carried by the brand name and embodied in the logo.

Nintendo has used the familiar "racetrack" logo referring to the line surrounding the name since the early s, only tweaking the design ever so slightly.

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The typography used even dates back to the late s. But Nintendo has not always Nintendo marketing report this logo. For the first seventy-five years or so since its start inthe logo consisted of the company name in kanji.

However, the racetrack logo was not created overnight. During the s, Nintendo first introduced a logo used mainly for its Western style playing Nintendo marketing report The first version, introduced in the first half of the s, used a handwritten, cursive style. This logo was used on the earliest boardgames, playing cards like the Picture Book Trump and the first toys like the Rabbit Coaster.

Nintendo marketing report

Distinctive features are a big curl starting the letter 'N' and a star as dot on the 'i', although some slightly different variations exist. Yet another version from around the same time was more stylized, with straight lines connecting the individual letters. This was less widely used, mainly for playing cards.

At the end of the first half of the s, Nintendo shortly used a simple sans-serif font for instance for the New Coaster Game as well as for playing cards.

At this point in time, Nintendo seemingly created a new logo almost every other week. It appears the designers were more concerned if the name style fitted the overall product design, rather than being consistent for a longer period of time.

In that sense, these were not brand logos yet. A more stable format was first created around Nintendo had started selling a growing range of toys, included some licensed from the American company MB Milton Bradley.

Nintendo drew from to some extend copied from the MB style when it developed the grey band on the left-side of the boxes, with the 'Nintendo Game' logo. This logo consists of a circle containing stylized letters 'NG' and the words 'Nintendo Game', in a pinkish red sans-serif font.

It was a brand Nintendo used for a while to release board games with figures licensed from Disney and other US companies. From the late 60's to the early 70s, the 'NG' circle logo was also used standalone.

You can find it on the Love Tester box, but also on chips for poker and roulette games, and embossed in the back of polystyrene packaging material of the E-clock and Kousenjuu SP targets.

In the Ultra Machine was created. Besides being a great design and one of the first commercial hits for Nintendo, this toy is also historic because it is the first to bear the Nintendo name in the style still used today.

The somewhat bulging letters, with thin horizontal lines, and the square dot on the 'i' - this design has remained virtually unchanged, even though it is already forty-five years old by now.

Nintendo marketing report

The first appearance of the familiar Nintendo brand style Since its first appearance on the Ultra Machine, this typeface has been used on almost every Nintendo product. The Nintendo name on toys and games from the s And although the choice of typography had thus been settled, the overall logo still had not found its final form.

The first try of using some sort of enclosure resulted in a hexagonal shape. Surprisingly, the racetrack design already appeared for the first time inwhen it was used on the Ele-conga and Autoplayer accessory. However, this remained a one-off appearance for another ten years.

Nintendo continued to experiment with its logo.Lumo - Nintendo Switch (NSW) - MULTI award winning game on Sony and PC platforms.

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Mario is holding steady as the top seller on Nintendo Switch, enjoying two of the top three spots. The company shared updated global sales data in its earnings report, and Super Mario Odyssey has. As the company's first new console launch since the unveil of the underperforming Wii U in , Nintendo's marketing drive for Switch will be vital in getting back to former glories.

This blog showcases and celebrates the retro toys and vintage games Nintendo created in the period from the mid 60s to the early 80s, starting with the first board games up to the launch of the Family Computer in

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