Marketing estate management and valuation services

The Company's expertise is grounded in all major property types and land uses including mixed use high-rise and mid-rise residential for-sale and rentalretail, office, single-family and townhome development. AREG has been the court-appointed receiver, asset manager, and broker for over 70 properties. The Firm's real estate expertise and services include:

Marketing estate management and valuation services

Some of the most common are: Market value — The price at which an asset would trade in a competitive Walrasian auction setting. Market value is usually interchangeable with open market value or fair value. Market value — the estimated amount for which an asset or liability should exchange on the valuation date between a willing buyer and a willing seller in an arm's length transaction, after proper marketing and where the parties had each acted knowledgeably, prudently and without compulsion.

Value-in-use is the value to one particular user, and may be above or below the market value of a property.

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Investment value — is the value to one particular investor, and may or may not be higher than the market value of a property. Differences between the investment value of an asset and its market value provide the motivation for buyers or sellers to enter the marketplace.

Investment value — the value of an asset to the owner or a prospective owner for individual investment or operational objectives. The mass appraisal process applies the data collected through various sources to real property to determine taxable value [7] Insurable value — is the value of real property covered by an insurance policy.

Generally, it does not include the site value. Liquidation value — may be analyzed as either a forced liquidation or an orderly liquidation and is a commonly sought standard of value in bankruptcy proceedings. It assumes a seller who is compelled to sell after an exposure period which is less than the market-normal time-frame.

Price vs value[ edit ] There can be differences between what the property is really worth market value and what it cost to buy it price.

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A price paid might not represent that property's market value. Sometimes, special considerations may have been present, such as a special relationship between the buyer and the seller where one party had control or significant influence over the other party.

In other cases, the transaction may have been just one of several properties sold or traded between two parties. In such cases, the price paid for any particular piece is not its market "value" with the idea usually being, though, that all the pieces and prices add up to the market value of all the parts but rather its market "price".

At other times, a buyer may willingly pay a premium price, above the generally accepted market value, if his subjective valuation of the property its investment value for him was higher than the market value. One specific example of this is an owner of a neighboring property who, by combining his own property with the subject property, could obtain economies-of-scale.

Similar situations sometimes happen in corporate finance. For example, this can occur when a merger or acquisition happens at a price which is higher than the value represented by the price of the underlying stock. The usual explanation for these types of mergers and acquisitions is that "the sum is greater than its parts", since full ownership of a company provides full control of it.

This is something that purchasers will sometimes pay a high price for.Established , Ascend Real Estate Group LLC and its affiliated companies (AREG) have been involved in the ownership, development, brokerage, and management of numerous asset types throughout the greater Chicago area.

Sales & Leasing. We are the premier provider of Real Estate Brokerage Services in the Tri-County area.

Marketing estate management and valuation services

Our knowledge of the local market enables us to be the best provider for our clients. Bankers Asset Management delivers real estate sales representation and transaction coordination to America's lenders for acquired properties (REO) located anywhere in .

Market Valuation Services is a recognized leader in appraisal compliance and quality. Our function is to facilitate appraisal independence while maintaining a level of customer service that the lender can depend on.

We look forward to servicing all of your appraisal management needs, come join us and let us show you why MVS is the nation.

MARKETING ESTATE MANAGEMENT AND VALUATION SERVICES IN THE 21ST CENTURY: CHALLENGES AND PROSPECTS ADEWALE ADEYINKA. A ( Hons, Lagos) ABSTRACT This article takes a critical look at the challenges and prospects of marketing estate management and valuation services in the 21st century.


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