Is development determined in the womb essay

Buy DVD Distributed by Most significant developmental milestones occur long before birth during the first eight weeks following conception when most body parts and all body systems appear and begin to function. It is also a time of preparation for survival after birth. These activities include hiccups, touching the face, breathing motions, urination, right- or left-handedness, thumb sucking, swallowing, yawning, jaw movement, reflexes, REM sleep, hearing, taste, sensation, and so on. This age is two weeks greater than the age from conception, also referred to as fertilization.

Is development determined in the womb essay

Hire Writer The genes we share make us people rather than dogs or tulips. But might our individual genetic make-ups explain why one person is outgoing, another is shy, or why one person is slow-witted while another is smart?

Some developmental psychologists focus on explaining how our genetic background can determine not only how we look, but also how we behave, how we relate to others i.

These professionals explore ways to identify how much of our potential as human beings is provided or limited by heredity. How Biological Influences Determine Development. Development begins at that moment when chromosomes in the sperm and ovum join together in the fallopian tubes to form 23 pairs in an entirely new cell called a zygote.

Chromosomes are composed of molecules of DNA containing the genes. Genes are pieces of genetic material that control or influence traits.

A gene controlling some specific characteristic always appear in the same place the locus on the same chromosome in every individual of the same species.

Genes also determine the nature and function of every cell in the body. For instance, they determine which cells will ultimately become part of the heart and which will become part of the muscles of the leg.

It is the genes that establish how different parts of the body will function; how rapidly the heart will beat, or how much strength a muscle will have. Combinations of genes from the father in the sperm and from the mother in the ovum create a unique genetic blueprint the genotype- all of the genes that a person has inherited-that characterizes that specific individual.

The actual expressions of those genes that can be identified by directly observing the individual is the phenotype.

Is development determined in the womb essay

The phenotype can include physical traits, such as height and color of the eyes, as well as non-physical traits such as shyness, a high strung temperament or a thirst for adventure. Whether or not a gene is expressed depends on two different things: The simplest genetic rule is the dominant-recessive pattern in which a single dominant gene strongly influences phenotype.

Eye color is one example of dominant-recessive genes at work. The gene for brown eyes is dominant and the gene for blue eyes is recessive. If one parent hands down a dominant brown eye gene while the other parent hands down a recessive blue eye gene, the dominant gene will win out and the child will have brown eyes.

An individual inherits 23 pairs of chromosomes. Twenty- two of these pairs of chromosomes, called autosomes, contain most of the genetic information controlling highly individual characteristics like hair color, height, body shape, temperament, aspects of intelligence and also all those characteristics shared by all members of our species, such as pattern of physical development.

One of the two sex chromosomes, the X chromosome, is one of the largest chromosomes in the body and carries a large number of genes. The other, Y chromosome, is quite small and contains only a few genes. Zygotes containing two X chromosome i.

XX develops into female and zygote containing one X and one Y chromosome i.It depicts the development from a collection of cells, to a fully formed baby in the last months of pregnancy. Inside its mother's womb, the baby is shown in real time, making movements such as sucking its thumb, smiling, blinking, and making finger movements.

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Mary Ainsworth also believes that sensitive mothers with good attachment with their children, helps the development of positive social and emotions.

Different mothering styles bring different impact to a child's development. For example Li-Ann is 5. She is friend with her whole class and she is known as a chatterbox in class.

In the Womb Then Out Essay In the Womb Then Out The time comes in every woman’s life when she wonders what it would be like to have a child. During pregnancy the body changes and adapts to having a human growing inside of it. In the Womb also notes that, as well as providing a preliminary basis for diagnosis of complications, ultrasound scans also promote the development of parental attachment to the yet-unborn child.

Ultrasound is thought to enhance the relationship of the child with the parents, both in . Free Essays; Is Development Determined in the Womb?

Is Development Determined in the Womb?

The First Two Weeks

This process is called ectogenesis, which is “the development of artificial wombs that can sustain fetuses to term without the need for women's bodies.” (Smajdor, ) This article discusses the concept of an artificial womb, the health.

Essay about Development Is Determined in the Womb.

Is development determined in the womb essay

Discuss personality and relationships with other people. Life cycle development starts in the womb at conception and continues throughout the individual’s life.

Other important stages of development are; birth, infancy, adolescence, adulthood, old age and finally death.

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