Imperialism in the congo

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Imperialism in the congo

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Imperialism in the congo

Economic Activity Rwandan workers at the Kisanga-mine, Katanga, c. There was a very high demand for rubber at the time, due to the recent invention of the rubber bicycle and automobile wheel. King Leopold II nearly enslaved many of the Congolese people in order to gain wealth, and to bring power.

Once King Leopold II had been removed from power and the Belgian Government had gained control of the Congo inthere was a change in the economic activity.

The importance of rubber in the economy began to decrease as a shift towards mineral extraction and mining became more apparent.

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At this time,the economy of the Congo was controlled by several trading companies. When World War I broke out inthe Belgian Congo was profoundly affected due to the fact that one of the trading companies that they were involved with, Force Publique was involved in the war.

During the war, the Belgian Congo was a major source of income for Belgium. When the war ended, many Belgian's left their homeland of Belgium, and immigrated to the Congo. This increase in immigration allowed the Congo to achieve greater things, as well as succeed more.


Many plantations were set up such as plantations for cotton and palm oil production. From toboth palm oil and cotton production increased in the Congo.

Many developed European Countries demanded increased farming from the Congo, and the Belgian Congo had to cater to their requests. As time went on, the number of paying jobs for native Congolese people increased, allowing it to reach 1. Although many native Congolese people were given jobs, they were often given the unfavorable jobs and living standards.

Source for Economic Activity: It caused many people to question and pressure their government, even the Belgian Government.

In the end, this work was one of the reasons why the Belgian Government took the Congo away from King Leopold and brought it into their rule. King Leopold's Soliloquy by Mark Twain.imperialism study guide - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. Search Search. In addition to Selling the Congo, I've authored a number of other works (articles, book chapters, reviews) on Belgian colonialism and European imperialism. Here is a link to my faculty web page at Berry College and my page on King Leopold and a number of other wealthy Belgians exploited the wealth of the Congo.

They cheated its people of their resources such as copper, rubber, and ivory. Proponents of imperialism say that the effects of imperialism were positive, but evidence shows that it led to the effects that were detrimental, than they were positive.

Imperialism changed the world and made it a more difficult world to live in. At the end of the nineteenth century, the European Scramble for Africa radically changed power structures in Cameroon.

The southern coastal tribes developed a fear that the interior ethnic groups would start trading directly with the Europeans, thus undercutting their powerful intermediary status.

Imperialism in the Congo By: Rebeca, Mattie, Chad Per. 3 Motivations for Imperialism Economic Needs A need for raw materials that were not domestically available and those raw materials were abundant in Africa.

Atrocities in the Congo