How does pressure to excel affect proffesional athletes

I am a frustrated but well-meaning mother who has put pressure to perform on my children. Alice realized she made a mistake. Her young athlete has experienced a drop in confidence and is not enjoying sports. Why pressure hurts young athletes When parents and coaches pressure their young athletes, this is exactly what happens.

How does pressure to excel affect proffesional athletes

By implementing cutting-edge concepts, we provide a sports-like team environment that provides our athletes with the trust and safety required to successfully foster a healthy recovery process.

Athletes are under an Intense Amount of Stress Many people do not realize the intense amount of stress that goes into becoming a respected athlete.

When fans go to watch any type of sporting event, they are captivated by the level of skill, talent, and dedication that the players exhibit. They enjoy the atmosphere of cheering for their favorite team or for their favorite athlete.

They may believe that it is by natural talent alone that these athletes are able to excel so exceptionally. But while natural talent is definitely a key component, the road to athletic success encompasses much, much more.

The feeling of being watched, respected, and sometimes even idolized, can be intoxicating. However, along with a fierce sense of competition comes the development of high standards.

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Whether those high standards are set by coaches, teammates, parents, fans, oneself, or a combination of all, they will undoubtedly cause some athletes to become overly critical of themselves.

They may begin to obsess about minor mistakes that they make. They may begin to fear rejection and dissatisfaction from their coaches or teammates.

How does pressure to excel affect proffesional athletes

They may become worried about letting their fans down. But, most importantly, there may exist an inherent fear of complete failure. When the minds of athletes become consumed with these kinds of negative recurring thoughts, they may begin to base their own self-worth on their ability to perform.

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Pressure Athletes Endure often Leads to Burn-Out As this pressure increases, the more quickly athletes may find themselves suffering from feelings of burn-out; of just wanting to walk away from it all [1].

Then they convince themselves that walking away is not an option. So, in order to rid themselves of those feelings of being burnt out, and in order to put their fears of failure at rest, some athletes turn to the comfort of abusing substances.

As injuries commonly occur in every type of sport, so does the need for medication in order to help ease the pain caused by those injuries.

Prescription painkillers, which include narcotics such as: Morphine Vicodin Percocet These drugs can be used to allow an athlete to continue to perform despite the presence of an injury [2].

However, these narcotics can be highly addictive. They work to depress the nervous system and can result in feelings of euphoria and well-being. The longer that athletes take these painkillers, the more quickly their tolerance develops, leaving them to require greater amounts in order to continuously feel those same euphoric feelings and that same greater sense of self-worth.When parents and coaches pressure kids to excel, the young athletes may miss out on some of these benefits.

Remember, most kids take part in athletics to have fun. Remember, most kids take part in athletics to have fun. Some athletes excel and some athletes capitulate and choke under pressure.

So how do some athletes learn to cope and perform at their best consistently, whilst others under-perform? In some instances the whole team can collectively choke and under-perform.

If athletes are to deal with pressure effectively, there are documented concepts which could be beneficial.

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A potential reason for athletes reaching the top and maintaining this position could be related to their ability to love and embrace the pressure (Jones, ).

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Youth Sports: How Parental Pressures Affect Young Athletes

Do you think athletes can permanently prevent pressure-choking with mental strength? I’d like to hear your thoughts. the Strong Copy Quarterback for Winning Proof, is a sports and fitness copywriter.

My mission is to help pro athletes. EFFECT OF STEREOTYPES & OBSERVERS ON SPORTS PERFORMANCE 1 Running head: STEREOTYPES AND OBSEVER-PRESSURE IN ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE Manuscript in press at the Journal of Sports & Exercise Psychology The effects of stereotypes and observer-pressure on athletic performance Observer pressure may cause athletes .

So when the games revolve around only the best players or the best players are held back from exploring new sports, it hinders the growth that young athletes need.

And when youth sports are clouded by intense pressure, kids stop wanting to participate all together. Remember, elite .

Why Pressure Causes Sports Kids to Drop Out