Freud vs sullivan

Thursday, November 7, Introduction to Personality One of the more so complex aspects of psychology is personality.

Freud vs sullivan

Peter Hegarty Author Preprint: Harry Stack Sullivan and his chums: Archive fever in American psychiatry? History of the Human Sciences, 18 3 The pub- lished literature on Sullivan is described as a queer archive that has been strongly shaped by historical shifts in discourses about homosexuality, but that continues to stimulate and frustrate attempts to know the essential truth about Sullivan.

Key words archive, biography, Jacques Derrida, heteronormativity, Harry Stack Sullivan As my title suggests, I am, like other historians of the human sciences, attempting to feel my way into the politics of archives.

Simpson trial Lynch, Yet, in reading what I will call the queer archive of American psychiatrist Harry Stack Sullivan, I have been led to wonder whether the critical scope of Archive Fever is limited to the historiography of psychoanalysis in ways that neither Derrida nor those who have cited him have acknowledged.

These psychoanalytic commitments render Archive Fever complicit with hetero- normativity and limit its utility for those who would democratize history.

Second, Sullivan wrote little and poorly. Given these overdetermined, and likely willful, ignorances, it behooves me to begin by describing some details of this life which have not been erased.

Precociously bright, Sullivan won a scholarship in high school to attend Cornell Uni- versity, but was dismissed in his first year.

The exact circumstances and conse- quences of this dismissal remain debatable. Sullivan later enrolled in the Chicago College of Medicine and Surgery where he had an undistinguished student career and was awarded a medical degree in There he came under the influence of William Alanson White, the mental hygienist, social reformer, opponent of capital punishment, and expert defense witness in the Leopold and Loeb murder trial.

Between and Sullivan worked at Shepperd and Enoch Pratt Hospital in Baltimore, accomplishing the clinical work which made him famous. Medical personnel were banned from the ward, which was staffed only by six other shy awkward young men. In articles published during the s, Sullivan reported the remarkable result that 80 per cent of his schizophrenic patients recovered under these conditions.

In the Sullivans moved to New York where Harry set up a private practice and Jimmie worked as his secretary. However, private analysis was a difficult means of making a living in New York after the Stock Exchange crash of Hale,and Harry Stack Sullivan filed for bankruptcy in InSullivan, Sapir and others founded the William Alanson White Psychiatric Foundation to promote a new vision of psychiatry that was more closely tied to the social sciences and less allied with psychoanalysis.

The foundation continues to train analysts to this day. Throughout the s he had close friendships with the psychoanalyst Clara Thompson whom he sometimes described as his analystthe design artist John Vassos and the author Ralph Ellison. This teaching institution was part of the White Foundation and trained psychiatrists according to an eclectic curriculum that was less dedicated to psychoanalysis than its con- temporaries.

However, Sullivan withdrew from service prior to the inclusion of homosexuality as grounds for exclusion from the armed forces. During and after the war, the Washington School flourished under the auspices of the White Foundation and in response to the increased need for trained military psychiatric personnel.

Thus, for Derrida Archive Fever aims to make visible the power exercised by archons that come to speak for, and to limit access to, the authority of archives. Here, Freud argues that the biblical Moses was really an Egyptian noble who was murdered by his Jewish followers to whom he had introduced an Egyptian monotheistic religion.

This murder was repressed and covered over by the belief that the Jews them- selves are the originators of monotheism.

Freud vs sullivan

Citing his disciplinary training as a Jewish historian, Yerushalmi For Yerushalmi, anti-Semitic prejudice irks psychological Jews by recalling the degree to which their secularized lives are determined by unchosen ancestral events.

Derrida sees archival violence at work in this monologue on several counts. First, by addressing Freud as a fellow Jew, Yerushalmi recalls Freud to a form of unchosen community, offering him shelter only to attack him. This move is also bound up with patriarchy.

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By constructing Freud as a patriarch, and then interiorizing his ghost within his monologue, Yerushalmi repeats the primal violence and return of the repressed described by psychoanalysis in general and Moses and Monotheism in particular.

This structure is not only valid for the history of psychoanalysis, or for any discourse on psychoanalysis, it is valid at least for all the so-called social or human sciences. Yet, when attention shifts away from Freud, as Derrida suggests it might, and scholars have often shown it to do in this journal, these two positions of psychoanalysis create quite different impressions.Central to Sullivan's critique is Freud's definition of the indi-vidual mind as the basic unit of study.

This is a crucial, really quite subtle, and very easily misunderstood point. Sullivan felt that. STEPHEN A. MITCHELL traditional psychoanalytic thinking went about studying mind in a. 11/22/ 3 Interpersonal Theory: Harry Stack Sullivan Key Concepts: Anxiety and Self-esteem “good me”, “bad me”, “not me” Anxiety is a “Chief disruptive force” in relationships.

Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Analyzing the case of Anna O by reading through the case study and looking deeper into Freud's psychoanalytic theory, and also consider how Jung's neo-psychoanalytic theory compares and contrasts with Freud's theory.

One of the. Nov 03,  · Psychology is the study of the mind and behavior. American Psychological Association (), "the discipline embraces all aspects of the human experience — from the functions of the brain to the actions of nations, from child development to care for the aged" (para.

1). May 02,  · Free Essays on Karen Horney Vs Harry Stack Sullivan Overview. Search. Freud's theories regarding psychosexual development, and in particular the phallic stage, were criticized and refined by other psychoanalysts, such as Karen Horney, Otto Fenichel and Ernest Jones.

During his work as a physician Freud also wrote about something called.

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