Cupcake business plan sample pdf

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Cupcake business plan sample pdf

My Hair Brained Idea Could Make You a Winner I've been roused by the semi-recently certified aromatherapist in me to begin creating body products for enhancing well-being. The question I asked myself in January was how seriously did I want to take the nagging whisper inspiring me forward and what would it take for me to create an income stream from it?

Option A The answer prompted me to start doing some reading about how to create a business plan which prompted further questions about such things as giving myself a name, figuring out how to narrow the focus of what I will offer and what will make me stand out from the sea of other manufacturers of handmade body products?

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Option B Kell Belle Studio is known for paper art so how do I go from blogging about paper to blogging about foot soak and sugar scrubs? I don't, at least not on this blog. I realized that my paper art and digital design need to be kept separate from anything related to the development of body products, my interest in healing touch therapy and all things divinatory.

My focus is getting better already. Option C I gave a lot of thought to the naming of this new venture.

cupcake business plan sample pdf

It had to be broad enough to cover those related interests mentioned above yet still leave room for the business to grown and evolve. Even my color choices had to be significant in some way.

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There an extra sample in this post, one of these is also the final and none of these is in the same order they appeared on Facebook.

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See if you can figure out which one is which.CUPCAKE SHOP BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE PDF / DOC Is starting a Cupcake shop business in your mind? If yes, I will be helping you draft out a cupcake shop business.

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