Citizens of sparksville

He is a photo and video journalist who specializes in aerial and ground photography that documents sources of pollution. His presentation is free and open to the public, but registration is required.

Citizens of sparksville

Morgan, 73, former Adair County Jailer, died at his home in the Knifley community Wednesday, April 5, after a brief illness. He was born in Casey County, being a son of the late John and Nancy Phillips Morgan, The family moved to Roley [Adair County] when he was a small boy and he resided there until a year ago.

He first married Miss Effie Wise, of Roley, and she died 12 years ago. About a year ago he married Mrs. Myrtle Hovious, who with two daughters and a son by the first marriage survive. Doris Cebran, Marseilles, Ill. Morgan, of Liberty, and two sisters, Mrs.

Minnie Perry, of Cleveland, Ohio, and Mrs. Nannie Daughtery, Elmwood Place, Ohio. Funeral services and burial were held at Roley at 2: He has been sick for the past ten days and according to reports there is no improvement in his condition.

He celebrated his 89th birthday on October 18, and had apparently been in good health for a man of his years until stricken. News of his death, though not unexpected as he had been in a critical condition for several days before the end came, was a shock and sorrow to the entire community.

Hurt and Mary Montgomery Hurt, were descendants of pioneer families. He was one of fourteen children and only one of the family now remains, Mr. Hurt, of this place. Judge Hurt was admitted to the bar at the age of twenty and started practicing law here in For five years prior to that he was employed as a railway clerk and at one time edited The Spectator, a weekly newspaper which preceded the Adair County News.

He was a ver successful lawyer and also served as County Attorney of Adair. He served one term and was then appointed as a special Judge for some time. He was considered an eminent jurist and was a very popular leader in the Democratic Party of Kentucky for many years. He did represent this State as a Presidential Elector at one time.

Judge Hurt continued active in the practice of law up until his illness, having for a partner his only son, Ralph Hurt.

Citizens of sparksville

He had also been president of the Bank of Columbia for many years. He is survived by his wife, Mrs.· Describe how the air and water pollution generated from these sources can impact the health of Sparksville's citizens, the local ecosystem, and the local economy.

The location of Sparksville

Include some potential solutions/5. March 31, Albert William Cross, Sr.

Adair County News Articles The Newsletters of Mr. Inthe Gradyville correspondent to the Adair County News was by far the most faithful and most prolific of all the newsletter contributors in reporting the day to day life of his community as well as slipping in the occasional editorial opinion and wry observation.
SCI 275 WEEK 5 Atmospheric Issues Stotts was an honored citizen of the Sparksville area, a member of a large, respected family. He was a member of the Antioch United Methodist Church, a retired farmer, and a legend in the game of checkers, a game in which he excelled to within the last few years of his life Bert Stotts, 98, Bird Road, Columbia, KY, a beloved citizen of the Sparksville Community, passed away Thursday, April 17,at the Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital in Somerset, KY, after several weeks illness.
explain how your choice for the supply of energy (renewable/ - Custom Essays Gamescape Episode 3 and Ch. Write a to word speech for a Town Hall Meeting that addresses the following points:

Jun. 25, — Mar. 29, Albert William Cross Sr., 86, of Springville, died at a.m. on Thursday, March There are nine major areas of energy resources. They fall into two categories: nonrenewable and renewable. Nonrenewable energy resources, like coal, nuclear, oil, and natural gas, are available in.

Sparksville(weekly column) We are quite sorry to report the sad death of two of our prominent citizens and neighbors, John F. Thompson, 78 years of age, died Friday, December 15th, and Mrs. Cynthia, wife of Julius Hobson, died Monday, December 18th, at the age of about 56 years.

We extend the sympathy of the entire community.

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Same paper, same. Water, Air Pollution Impacts Health, Economy. Hill, the animal factories in eastern North Carolina are producing more fecal matter each day than is produced by the citizens in all these states combined: North Carolina, California, Pennsylvania, New York, Texas, New Hampshire and North Dakota.

Describe how the air and water pollution generated from these sources can impact the health of Sparksville's citizens, the local ecosystem, and the local economy.

Citizens of sparksville

Include some potential solutions. Explain why your decision addresses the key environmental challenges and is the optimal choice given this situation.

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