Case series study ppt

Related Pages The Study Begins Inthe Public Health Service, working with the Tuskegee Institute, began a study to record the natural history of syphilis in hopes of justifying treatment programs for blacks. In truth, they did not receive the proper treatment needed to cure their illness. In exchange for taking part in the study, the men received free medical exams, free meals, and burial insurance.

Case series study ppt

Case series study ppt

Elizabeth Wharton LawyerLiz Connected devices provide a new playground of attack and vulnerability vectors to implement, test, and protect. Launching a home-built drone to test wireless access points, for example, may require authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration and the Federal Communications Commission.

Testing connected car software? Before incorporating connected technology as part of your research, know where to find the regulatory traps Case series study ppt ways to minimize their legal impact.

This presentation will provide an overview of federal privacy, security, and safety regulations triggered by IoT research and a breakdown of recent federal enforcement actions.

Gain knowledge of the potential research risks and a sense of when to run, change an approach, or abandon if avoiding breaking the law while breaking IoT matters Research is hard enough and companies whose products are being tested don't always welcome vulnerability disclosures.

Solid research shouldn't be rewarded with threats of lawsuits or hiring defense lawyers.

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Case series study ppt the risks, spend the money saved on beer or more gear. Elizabeth is a technology-focused business and public policy attorney and host of the national radio show "Buzz Off with Lawyer Liz.

This talk will discuss most of its features, how to use it to assess the security of smart devices and find vulnerabilities, including live demos. The framework source code will be released just before the talk. He spoke at various international security conferences including Chaos Communication Camp, Hack.

When it comes to tech issues, Commissioner McSweeny has focused on the valuable role researchers and hackers can play protecting consumer data security and privacy. She opposes bad policy and legislative proposals like mandatory backdoors and the criminalization of hacking.

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She believes that enforcers like the FTC should work with the researcher community to protect consumers. With a PhD in computer science focused on security and privacy from Princeton, Dr.

Calandrino is personally motivated to see the work and views of the security community drive educated government action and policy. From personal experience uncovering vulnerabilities in voting machine source code, contributing to the cold-boot attack on disk encryption for which he won a prestigious Pwnie Award!

His goals at the FTC include continuing to build both its internal technical expertise and its bonds with the larger security community. Let me Manage that for you Bro! Also I'm going to demonstrate how a remote attacker can retrieve the password of networking devices like Huawei and Cisco equipment.

Formerly is a network engineer and software developer. How all of this research got started, the critical vulnerabilities I personally discovered in modern devices, the challenges and failures I personally had with techniques like blind fuzzing, the challenges I had with not having the knowledge or funds to get into hardware hacking, figuring out how to build an exploit for a vulnerability without the need of using UART or a remote debugger, how to get started into hardware hacking once you've exhausted all means on the software side of things, how to build an effective but cheap IoT hacking lab, how to create your own low-cost 'JTAGulator' with an Arduino nano, how to cross compile and disassemble to quickly figure out CPU architectures that a person may be unfamiliar with, discussion of the open source project "Damn Vulnerable Router Firmware", and how to put this all together quickly so everyone can start finding vulnerabilities in the products they own.

There will be no vendor shaming. Elvis Collado is a Senior Security Researcher for Praetorian with a main focus in embedded electronics. Elvis got into electronics ever since he discovered his first vulnerabilities in some of the devices he personally owned.

He decided to migrate his research from the desktop space to the embedded space and wants to share what he has learned with everyone. These devices are manufactured and produced by Trane, a popular heating and cooling company offering Zwave and WiFi enabled thermostats packaged with their appliances.

This talk covers a previously unreleased vulnerability in the Trane ComfortLink thermostats that allows for remote manipulation and information extraction by an attacker. The devices are vulnerable by default and this talk addresses the physical dangers posed by this vulnerability to customers.

Case series study ppt

The tools and methods used in finding this vulnerability are also discussed at-length in the presentation along with a video demonstration of the exploit in action. His career began with full-stack web development before moving into system administration and eventually vulnerability and security research.

His current work includes maintaining and developing vulnerability tools within Trustwave. His research interests include IOT devices and extracting information with software defined radio. Various studies have shown the effect of consumer IoT adoption in the enterprise, resulting in rouge connections into a trusted network.Private Equity Case Study Interview: How to Structure an Investment Recommendation in a Private Equity Interview, with a Real Template and Example for Dell.

· A case series (also known as a clinical series) is a type of medical research study that tracks subjects with a known exposure, such as patients who have received a similar treatment, or examines their medical records for exposure and A population case-series study, consisting of a set of cases in a defined population and time, lays the foundation for description of disease by place, time and characteristics of population.

If cases are compared with non-cases from the same population the design is that of a case-control study, which generates and tests causal hypotheses. · case series study design. The authors identified nine methods domains across which there was agreement among expert study design methodologists.

For most of these methods domains, there was no empirical evidence that incorporating the quality measure into the Case Studies What is a Case Study? Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

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Ford, MD, MPH Vice Dean for Clinical Investigation Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Introduction to Clinical Research.

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