Book of eli social commentary

For Part I, click here This second part of my in-flight movie reviews rounds up the remaining 3 films I saw during my flights between Australia, Hong Kong and India. As with the last set, please keep in mind that I was under the influence of prescription medication when I watched these films. There is a mystery to be unraveled as the ghost writer is pulled deeper into the life of the PM, who is falling under increased scrutiny for his actions during several recent wars. Apart from the ghost writing side of the publishing world we get to see, the thriller also raises some intriguing issues about civil liberties.

Book of eli social commentary

Hire Writer For many, these scriptures go in one ear and out the other and only certain passages are held on to because they deal with the problems faced only at that very moment. He is in a long search for the Bible and is one of the only people who can still read.

He yearns to rebuild civilization and become a dictator to many towns. He believes that the Bible holds power. With the book, Carnegie believes that he will be able to gain followers as long as he uses the written word.

Carnegie and his men only see the Bible as a means of control, and do not see the true meaning of the written word: This also mirrors the current situation with the Vatican. In a dire situation like this, the Pope will use his religion to convey his message of God. Religions like this one could be used to build morality in people by taking stories and finding the values in them.

However, they can also be used to attack certain individuals and be used as a means of control. Eli and Carnegie resemble both sides and warn of the evils that can come from an otherwise useful tool to teach from.

Book of eli social commentary

Sunglasses also play a powerful role in the film as Eli wears them mysteriously throughout. The audience does not know why this is until the end of the movie when it is revealed that Eli is at least partially blind, if not completely.

Looking back at the film, hints are dropped to suggest that Eli lacks vision. Eli walks with the Bible, his faith, to the west coast. He feels God put him on Earth to bring the bible to the west to preserve it along with other important books of faith that will later be used to recreate civilization.

Only two people in the film are able to read the book: They are the most pure in the sense that they cannot see the corrupt society around them, so all they have to guide them through life is their faith.

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In order to stay grounded to their own morality, people rely on their faith to guide them. These people are blind to the ills of society because they are confident in their values. The Book of Eli does a phenomenal job of describing abuses of religion in modern society, however, the concept it much bigger than that.

In a perfect world, there are perfect people and no problems. There are no ground roots to fall back on.The Book of Eli continues Hollywood's obsession with post-apocalyptic tales, and in many ways feels like it belongs in the same world as The Road with its ash-laden wastelands and crazed cannibals.

The Book of Eli I wanted to see this one since it was released at the cinemas but I never got around to it. Without giving too much away, the story is set in a post-apocalyptic world (aren’t they all these days?) where a mysterious man called Eli (Washington) is trekking across the barren plains with a special book in his possession.

Mar 25,  · The Book of Eli is sunk by its ambition: it's a genre movie with religious pretensions, but it loses its way in the murky waters of religion. Denzel Washington plays Eli, a seemingly invincible. The Book of Eli: A lost opportunity. By Peter could have made for quality entertainment and social commentary.

and he susses that there's something in . The Hughes Brothers' Book of Eli isn't all post-apocalyptic Samurai sword action and ipods. Mixed in with the violence and sepiatones is one giant religious symbol that we just had to quiz the.

The Book of Eli is a American post-apocalyptic neo-Western action film directed by the Hughes brothers, written by Gary Whitta, and starring Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, Mila Kunis, Ray Stevenson, and Jennifer Beals.

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