An essay on fly fishing

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An essay on fly fishing

Monday, August 2, Carp Gear I talk constantly about the strategies and tactics surrounding carp fishing. I do this because there is so much to talk about, yet so much poor advice and misinformation blowing around.

An essay on fly fishing

I get so carried away with water levels and fish behavior that I tend to ignore the basics…the gear you need to increase your odds of success. So, here we go…I have compiled a list of what I consider to be the best equipment for fly fishing for carp.

Keep in mind; I focus primarily on lakes and reservoirs here on the Front Range of Colorado. I like a lightweight, yet powerful 9 foot 6 weight fly rod with a soft tip. I want a good mix of accuracy and muscle. On any given carp flat you will be expected to make multiple precise casts from pointblank range to 80 foot bombs off the top of a dam.

Although I will often drop down to a 5 weight when the light is bad or the water is too off color to see into the water far enough to make long casts necessary. I will, however, never take out a rod heavier than a 6 weight. In fact, some modern 6 weights are too stiff so make practical carp rods. You are much more likely to be faced with nothing but very short shots that need to be very quick and super accurate.

I want a lightweight fly reel with a big arbor and smooth drag. Bauer Rogue Fly Line: I use only one type of fly line…a weight forward floating line. But there are a ton of makes and models of fly line fitting this description hanging from pegs at your local fly shop.

I have cast almost all of them. The biggest problem with most of them is over-weighting. I think too many fly line companies are making aggressively weighted fly lines because too many rookie fly fishermen are buying high end rods that are too fast for their level of casting skills.

An essay on fly fishing

Overly weighted lines will help load a stiff rod, or dampen it, so that a bad caster can still get a fly out from under their boot. The problem is these overweighed lines land sloppy and hard on still water. I start with a 9 foot 2x tapered leader, trim off a foot of the tippet and then add a foot and a half of 3x fluorocarbon tippet.

I need the fluorocarbon is so much more abrasion resistant than nylon or mono. Even the tiniest nick or abrasion will spell doom with a heavy carp and a hard strip hook set. I take a couple hundred carp every year and I use only one fly—the Backstabber carp fly from Umpqua Feather Merchants.

Fly fishing the Unloved & Unclean

I prefer the darker colors. Look for the new dark olive Backstabber in the Umpqua.Fly Tying in an Unpredictable World Posted on December 30 A world that seems increasingly unpredictable drives author Christopher Schaberg to embrace a part of fly fishing he hadn’t before: the fly .

Temperatures are dipping into the bearable range here in Georgia. I’ve been spending a lot of evenings and mornings on the porch and I know I should be looking forward to crisp fall days and brightly colored leaves but my mind keeps drifting to the Bahamas.

Even though winter is the best time for. Content courtesy of Drew Ross check him on his Instagram at @looknfishy for some killer kayak fly fishing content in the great state of Arkansas. Check out his recent YouTube video about Three Tips for Catching a Grass Carp.

May 10,  · Pegged Beads (And My Turmoil About Them) This is a sensitive subject—the fly-fishing version of bringing up politics at a mixed family barbecue, or religion at the pub. The pegged egg.

The election of a reality-show president drives a writer to crank up his fly-tying vise. SIERRA. The national magazine of the Sierra Club.

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The election of a reality-show president drives a writer to crank up his fly-tying vise Then I worked a summer job in Wyoming guiding river trips. As a full-time fishing guide on Virginia's saltwater for almost 20 years, I have appeared in numerous media outlets including magazines, books, newspapers and television programs.

I often give seminars and presentations at fishing shows and clubs.

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