An analysis of wilson identities

Foundation for Womena multi-issue feminist organization Wilson got most of her research for The Intimate Economies of Bangkok: Tomboys, Tycoons, and Avon Ladies in the Global City from the two years field work she spent in Bangkok from Dec — Janas well as from many of her visits ranging from During this time, she worked part-time in a telecommunications marketing office, which gave her access to social scenes and "participant observations. Her interviewees were usually ages 20—25, many of Chinese descent, with economic standings ranging from minor royalty to peasants.

An analysis of wilson identities

A few points are key to consider. First, all children in our study unlike many children with the GD classificationhad binary identities, meaning they identified as male or female.

An analysis of wilson identities

Thus, just because a child behaves in a way consistent with a gender other than their natal sex does not mean that child is transgender nor that a social transition is advisable. Second, the children in this study were unique in many critical ways.

They transitioned at a time when such transitions are quite controversial 5 — 9 and yet did so anyway. Surely not all families with transgender children make this decision, meaning there are likely characteristics that are unique to these families. In addition, the transgender children in this study all socially transitioned much earlier than nearly all transgender adults alive today in the United States and Canada.

Why might they have done so? Possibilities that we cannot rule out are that these children displayed earlier signs of their transgender identities, that they were more insistent about those identities, that they represent the most extreme end of the spectrum of transgender identities, or that parents today are just more educated about the existence of transgender children.

It is too early to tell the ways in which these children and these families are unique.

An analysis of wilson identities While at Rugby, he wrote an article for the school magazine arguing that public schools should be abolished.
Diaspora: A Journal of Transnational Studies But they are also bridges - that is, sites for ongoing cultural exchange. Anyone studying how nations and states maintain distinct identities while adapting to new ideas and experiences knows that borders provide particularly revealing windows for the analysis of 'self' and 'other'.

Finally, the children in this study were not randomly assigned to social transitions, precluding the ability to make causal claims about the impact of social transitions on mental health.

These data are suggestive, nonetheless, that social transitions are associated with positive mental health outcomes for transgender children.

We cannot rule out several alternative explanations for our findings. First, rather than a direct impact of parental support, these generally positive mental health findings could be a more indirect result of parent support: For example, perhaps some attribute unique to the subset of transgender children who are able to convince their parents to allow them to transition eg, verbal skill, self-confidence is responsible for these children having particularly good mental health, and it was this unique cognitive ability or aspect of personality that is either correlated with better mental health or leads to better mental health when a child feels he or she achieved his or her goal.

Future studies examining children before and after social transitions may be able to address this concern. Finally, parents of transgender children could have biased reporting, reflecting a desire for their children to appear healthier than they are.

We have no reasons to believe this was an issue but in the future aim to include other reporters eg, teachers to address this concern that others are likely to raise. In addition to studying other explanations for these data, the current work begs for more research not only on children with other transgender identities eg, children who identify as both or neither male and femalebut also for work with children who have clear binary transgender identities, like the children in the current study, but who are not supported or affirmed by their families in these identities.

Finding such children and particularly convincing their parents to allow them to participate in research, will be a challenge but one that is ultimately necessary for a clear understanding of the specific impact of transitions for these children. Despite their overall relatively good mental health, socially transitioned transgender children did experience slightly more anxiety than the population average, although still well below the preclinical range.

An analysis of wilson identities

What might explain this result? Despite receiving considerable support from their families, these children likely still experience relatively high rates of peer victimization or smaller daily micro-aggressions, particularly if their peers know that they are transgender 42 which can in turn lead to marked elevations of anxiety symptoms and anxiety disorders.

Even when transgender children are allowed to use the bathroom, locker room, or be on the team with children who share their gender, the mere existence of these distinctions likely highlights the ways in which their bodies do not align with cultural expectations for children of their gender identity group.

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