An analysis of the movie othello by william shakespeare

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An analysis of the movie othello by william shakespeare

Iago manipulates Othello into believing his wife Desdemona is unfaithful, stirring Othello's jealousy. Othello allows jealousy to consume him, murders Desdemona, and then kills himself. One night, he hears from his soldier friend, Iago, that Desdemona has secretly married his General, the Moorish Othello.

Iago bears a grudge against Othello for overlooking Iago for a lieutenant position. Instead, Othello chose Michael Cassio, leaving Iago only at the low rank of ensign.

Iago urges Roderigo to continue his pursuit of Desdemona.

The Othello image 1, is the best image to represent the themes of manipulation in the play Othello by William Shakespeare. Iago manipulates Othello into believing  · Othello by William Shakespeare is one of the many plays that captures the phenomenal writing of Shakespeare. Similar to most of Shakespeare’s plays, Othello, is a tragic tale of how a noble warrior named Othello goes from the peak of his life to the lowest point of his life because of miscommunication and  · The play Othello is a story of a strong, daring man named Othello the moor, who is manipulated into madness by a man claiming to be his friend. The deception ultimately destroys his initial state of wedded bliss and his standing in the military, all due to the resentment brewing within

He knows Senator Brabanzio, Desdemona's father, will dislike having Othello as a son-in-law. So late at night, Iago and Roderigo wake Brabanzio and tell him the news of Desdemona. Brabanzio angrily summons the militia to arrest Othello. At that moment, officers arrive to summon Brabanzio to an urgent meeting of the Senate.

The Senate is concerned about the imminent threat of a Turkish invasion fleet on Cyprus.


Full of fury, Brabanzio goes to the council. Royal Shakespeare Company, Brabanzio interrupts the council, claiming vengeance against Othello. Othello is already there because he has just been put in command of the forces to repel the Turks.

Othello explains how his stories of military prowess have helped him earn Desdemona's love good storytelling is the most important trait in a companion, after all.

Afterwards, Desdemona is called to reinforce the tale and defend her marriage. Following Desdemona's defence, her father disowns her, and she chooses to go with Othello on his campaign.

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She plans to travel in the care of Lieutenant Cassio and with Emilia, Iago's wife. Othello soon arrives with news that storms at sea have dispersed the Turkish fleet.

A night of celebration is proclaimed. Roderigo confesses doubts about his potential to woo Desdemona, but Iago assures him that there is hope.

He urges Roderigo to challenge Cassio to a duel that night, since as Iago claims Desdemona is actually falling in love with him. When the night comes, Iago gets Cassio drunk, and Roderigo incites his anger. Montano, the governor, is stabbed during his attempt to contain Cassio.

Othello is angered by the fight and blames Cassio, stripping him of his recently conferred officer status. When Cassio asks, Desdemona innocently agrees. With no reason to suspect Iago of bad intentions, Othello begins to watch his wife.

An analysis of the movie othello by william shakespeare

Othello becomes angry when Desdemona cannot find the first gift a handkerchief he had ever given her. The handkerchief is embroidered with strawberries and especially important to Othello.

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But Desdemona had not lost the handkerchief. Iago had instructed Emilia, his wife, to take it. Iago then hid the handkerchief where Cassio would find it. He encourages Othello to listen in on, and misinterpret, part of a conversation between Cassio and his mistress, Bianca. Cassio and Bianca discuss how Cassio obtained the embroidered handkerchief that he then gives to Bianca to copy.

After recovering, he orders Iago to kill Cassio. Desdemona cannot understand Othello's change of attitude towards her.

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Othello even strikes her in the presence of her relative, Lodovico, who has arrived as an ambassador from Venice. As she prepares for bed, she talks with Emilia, singing to relieve the distress she feels at losing the trust of her husband.

Still Iago persuades him to attack Cassio that night again, to be able to court Desdemona. In the fight that ensues, Iago goes undetected and wounds Cassio. He then enters again as himself to accuse and kill Roderigo for the act of wounding Cassio.Othello (The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice) is a tragedy by William Shakespeare, believed to have been written in It is based on the story Un Capitano Moro (A Moorish Captain) by Cinthio, a disciple of Boccaccio, › Shop › Books.

Othello, by William Shakespeare is the story of Othello, who marries Desdemona and is tricked and deceived into believing that Desdemona is unfaithful by those whom he thinks are his allies.

This essay will discuss the syntax, diction, and tone of Othello, along with discussing the literary type and the effect Othello had on Othello study guide contains a biography of William Shakespeare, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

About Othello Othello Summary. Othello (The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice) is a tragedy by William Shakespeare, believed to have been written in It is based on the story Un Capitano Moro ("A Moorish Captain") by Cinthio, a disciple of Boccaccio, .

How does Desdemona react on her deathbed?

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Literary influence on creating Othello According to Johnsen-Neshati (, [online]) the basic source for the plot of the play Othello was a short story written by Italian writer Cinthio Giambattista Giraldi.

An analysis of the character othello in the play othello by william shakespeare