Academic writing exploring processes strategies ilona leki university

In order to succeed in their particular situation, programs need to meet the challenge of making a good fit between purpose and goal, the students and the institution they serve. Successful programs encourage learner autonomy by engaging learners in tasks that develop necessary skills for attaining their goals. In doing this, academic writing programs set high standards, involve learners in meaningful writing activities, and encourage their membership in the particular literacy communities they aspire to join.

Academic writing exploring processes strategies ilona leki university

When people are immersed in an environment where facial expressions such as eye contact and body gestures are alien to their own experience, they may suffer from disorientation and frustration.

Therefore, it is significant to learn the body language of different cultures. This essay focuses on the use of nonverbal communication in North America, Thailand, and some other parts of the world.

Facial expression is the most important source of nonverbal communication in all cultures. However, sometimes it can be hard to interpret the meaning through facial cues. Since there are many facial expressions, such as those for happiness, sadness, fear, and anger, it may be hard to distinguish which expression the person is trying to convey.

In North America, people pay much attention to facial expressions during interactions because it helps them to understand what the other person is trying to convey.

Eye contact is a crucial aspect of communication, and it is a valuable source of information in many cultures. For instance, in the United States, eye contact is a basic and expected form of nonverbal communication as is a firm handshake.

In France, people do not toast without eye contact because it is considered a symbol of politeness and respect. In contrast, this may not be true in some other parts of the world such as parts of Asia, Africa, and Latin America. People avoid direct eye contact as a sign of respect.

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Body gesture is another method of nonverbal communication people use daily. Examples of body gestures include instinctively beckoning to a waiter, and initiating a business presentation with visual signals to greet people.

In Thailand, people snap their fingers to call a waiter over to request their bill whereas Americans walk to the counter to receive their bill. McShane mentioned that Westerners tend to appreciate a firm handshake as a sign of strength and warmth in a friendship or business relationship In contrast, Thais greet one another by putting their hands together just as we pay respect to the Lord Buddha.

Moreover, in some cultures people say good-bye by waving their hands while the others embrace one another. It is clear that nonverbal communications can be specific to a particular culture and may not have the same meaning in other cultures.

Thus, nonverbal communication can lead to misunderstandings. Therefore, it is important to learn the nonverbal expressions of other cultures in order to smooth cross culture communication. Works Cited Carey, Benedict. Exploring Processes and Strategies.

Cambridge University Press, Academic Writing: Exploring Processes and Strategies by Ilona Leki (, Paperback, Revised) the text features processes and strategies for producing texts and for preparing and polishing them to meet academic writing standards.

Academic Writing guides students through the process of exploration and generation of ideas on paper, of. Academic Writing Exploring Processes & Strategies by Llona Leki available in Trade Paperback on, also read synopsis and reviews.

academic writing exploring processes strategies ilona leki university

Teaches the process that writers go through to produce texts and provides instruction on form. THE UNIVERSITY OF BURDWAN Syllabus for B.

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A. General Programme in Introduction to the Writing Process. Conventions of Academic Writing, Writing in one’s own words – Summarizing and Paraphrasing Ilona Leki, Academic Writing. Exploring Processes and Strategies .

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Academic Writing, Exploring Processes and Strategies. Leki, J., St. Martin's Press N.Y., Offers a clear and carefully sequenced presentation of all stages of the writing process. The Study Skills Handbook. S. Cottrell, Palgrave, This book draws on .

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academic writing exploring processes strategies ilona leki university

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